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Advantages Of Online Classes That Will Help Teachers Generate More Revenue

COVID-19, A drastic yet current reality that has eventually brought a number to halt. Slowly and steadily with certain precautions we will definitely overcome this situation too. But what about the students, professionals and job goers who want to continue and cannot go out?

We cannot do anything for the current situation but the online teachers surely can!

So we will talk about "How online classes will help teachers generate more revenue?"

Firstly some of you will say that in this critical situation how can you talk about revenue?

The answer is simple,

"If you know and own a skill, give it free just for the first time."

Live streaming of classes online is fast emerging as a potential monetisation tool for education technology companies including Unacademy, Vedantu, Toppr, and Byju’s, aided in large measure by falling costs of mobile data.

Secondly this is not just for current pandemic situations, teaching online is a forever idea and if you have the potential to hold a mass audience at a time then you are good to go. Technology-driven live learning has immense potential to make learning interactive and adds more value to the student’s preparation.

So how is this gonna happen? Let's see-

  • Mass Audience-

A traditional class can hold up to maximum 100 or 200 students at a time but in case of online classes the number of audience is unlimited and that too paid. So this is a very big advantage of teaching online which the traditional classes can never beat.

  • Quality Content-

If you have quality content then no one can stop you from rising among your competitors. Make any one concept your USP and let it reach the mass audience to let people know about it.

  • Market Research-

How will you offer quality content without doing market research? So you'll have to dive deep into the course you are going to offer, be it your own personal knowledge or through the external sources.

  • One On One Interaction-

There are n number of platforms through which you can make one on one interaction with your paid students like Instagram, Facebook or other social media platforms or your own website. This will enable to strengthen the personal touch between you and your students.

  • Variety And Diversity-

Why stick to just one course when you can invest into offering a variety of courses? So here you will get a lot of resources to diversify your platform and increase the number of courses you offer.

  • Online Study Material And Resources-

Gone are the days when you'll have to make bundles and bundles of notes to give to your students. Online pdfs and material has eased down this difficult task and made teaching hassle free.

  • Live Classes-

Learning outcomes, however, are still suffering due to a lack of quality as a lot of content is just uploading offline material, which tends to be neither engaging nor interactive. Live classes have proven to be more effective in driving student activity, with 4X higher engagement compared to recorded videos and lectures, eventually helping aspirants score better.


Creating and selling online courses can be quite lucrative if you’re able to provide a great course and reach your target marketing. Plus, with easier to use and more affordable resources to host your course, there’s no reason to avoid becoming an online instructor. While it can take time to create all the lessons in your course, once uploaded, it can become a profitable source of passive income to your existing business or as a business all on its own.

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  • I enrolled for online classes a while ago and I’m trying so hard to stay on top of the game. I’m finding it hard to stay motivated and concentrate on my lessons.
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  • Hi Admin
    Thank you for sharing this informative post.
    There has been a lot of change in education due to Covid 19. Earlier online classes were not given much importance but after covid everything has changed. Where most students get to benefit from online classes and some of them just log in to classes and play video games and do other fun stuff. And, this is really very difficult for teachers to know who take the lectures seriously. Here I have something that can be useful for you to make online classes more engaging.

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