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How Should The Students React To The Postponement Of CA Exams


Wait wait! Don't panic now we will tell you how you can deal with this postponement positively.

So first of all, this is a very very big OPPORTUNITY for you guys to cheer for that. This postponement can make you reach on that side of your CA Preparation. Secondly, it's very crucial for you and your family to stay at home right now and keep proper care.

Here we will talk about what to do and "how to utilize this time effectively and efficiently so that no stones are left unturned."

Always remember,

"Winners are not those who run fast instead winners are those who walk slowly but are consistent and determined."

Here is how you can touch the stars with the given time and opportunity-


Is there anything that can't be achieved with consistency. The answer is a big no. Being honest and consistent with your efforts brings out the real reason why you want to become a CA. So keep working not in quantity but in quality.


By now you must get an idea about how much time is left. So prioritize each and everything. Starting from your studies until your personal wellbeing. Prioritizing is ultimately a start given to any successful plan or idea.


Analyze where you stand right now and in the meanwhile fill all the gaps that can make you fall back. So for that, a good self-analysis is a must with all the strengths and weaknesses to work upon.


Further evaluation of each and every strength and weakness would give the real picture and planning will become easy which is a must to continue further studies.


The evaluation also gives us hope and scope of improvement by telling our weak areas and how we can improve that and be at a better place.


This should be the first foremost priority in the current scenario that you must take care of your health because a healthy body and a healthy mind will only reside when proper care is taken.


Revisions are always left so congratulations on getting more time for practice and revision of the whole syllabus. Secondly, you'll be able to know what is your performing area once you'll start giving a mock regularly.


We all know that it's quite difficult to stay on the same page for a long period of time but success tastes better when achieved after so many honest efforts. Patience is the thing that will interconnect all other points together and motivate you to achieve your goals.


Discipline is so necessary right now as this is the only way to motivate yourself of moving and working forward. So you must ensure that. 

So stay at home, stay safe, and keep working accordingly. 


How will you analyze, prioritize, and evaluate without knowing the basic thing that how to and from where we should start?

So plan you each day and work accordingly. This will not only ensure discipline.

So, guys, these are some of the most genuine pieces of advice that will help you in achieving whatever you want. Just be consistent and disciplined throughout and nothing can stop you from doing so.

If you ever think of falling down or stopping, just take a break of a day or two and then start again. Remember discipline is very crucial at this point in time which may take you places once applied in life.



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