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Problems Student Face In Practical Lives Due To The Orthodox Studying System

Life is full of challenges and hurdles. There's nothing that is for free and does not require hard work to achieve. As adults, we know that and work accordingly if we have dreams and hopes in life but as kids or children, we are naive and gullible. We trust our teachers, mentors, and elders blindly. And this is taught to us since we are born that we should listen to our elders, we should always do whatever they say and we should obey them. "The major question here is why should we do whatever is taught instead we should do whatever is right." So today we are going to talk about a very sensitive yet critical issue of our education system. There are so many issues with the current education system that is orthodox and based on just bookish knowledge and theories. From scratch, kids are taught to always be first and in the ranker batch which continues lifetime even in college as well as while working anywhere. A competitive spirit is necessary to survive but it should not be made compulsory and it can never teach life skills. 

"So what are the major problems with our current education system?"

  • Not Future Ready-

The current education system lags behind making the kids' future-ready. The only focus is imposed on enhancing theoretical Knowledge which is not helpful when a student enters the practical world. There's not an emphasis on career options, career opportunities, likes, and dislikes of a student or what's a student's inclination.

  • Partial And Biased Mentors-

This is a very common issue in most of the schools and institutions. The mentors and teachers are biased towards students who are already performers and good in studies. The average students are often seated on the back or paid less attention by the mentors which is a very derogative thing to do. If not generally but at many institutions, this thing is being practiced which builds an inferior complex within a child's mind.

  • Unawareness-

The education which does not make us aware of our surroundings and what's happening around us is of what use? Unawareness is a major issue also. Our mentors and teachers always fail to enlighten us about our future plans and ambitions.

  • Lack Of Motivation-

Little minds lose their creativity in the early days of their education. They learn to live a patterned life from the very beginning as soon as they learn to walk and talk. This discipline and set pattern clip their wings kills the curiosity to learn and do new things because they are always spoonfeeding and never get any motivation to do something on their own.

  • Peer Pressure-

The fear of falling behind the crowd, the fear of not getting attention from everyone near us, and the fear of getting lost in this rat race builds a sense of irrelevant competition and creates an urge to work hard. Peer Pressure kills the inner strengths and caliber to learn things in your own way. Every child is different thus the same way of teaching and learning doesn't fit here.

  • Bookish Knowledge-

The bundle of books and notes which are being taught for years and years are of very little help when it comes to practical life. The bookish language is of no use when it comes to application.

  • Financial Literacy-

We are never taught how to be financially stable and prepared. What is Financial Literacy?

How can we save and invest money?

Why do we need financial literacy?

All these questions are so crucial to learn while growing up but no one pays heed to it. 

  • Rat Race-

The world is a rat race now. Everyone is just running behind money and the moral values are lagging behind. This is the major reason for insensitivity and lack of empathy in us for our fellow beings. Education is not complete without learning and evolving mentally, emotionally as well as physically.

There's a lot more that can't be expressed in words but can be felt. But a major question is, "Why even are we discussing these issues?"

The answer is very simple kids and youth are the pillars of any nation. The real asset of a nation lies in the hands of small children going to schools with heavy bags and loads of work. So if there's not any resolution in the current system we will soon be in a monotonous nation which will kill every child's dream, curiosity, caliber, potential, and the desire to fly.

But if you have a dream, always aspire and admire that. Always listen to your heart and observe the difference between right and wrong. Follow great people around us who have always inspired us like Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. For students, he is a great inspiration and always motivated everyone with his great thoughts. Once he said a very deep thing,

" Dreams are not those which you see while sleeping, dreams are those which don't let you sleep!"

So on that note, the only thing that you can do now is to dream, aspire, and live for that dream no matter whatever your mentors and teachers make you do.

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