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How To Choose CA Intermediate Audit Classes?

First things First I would congratulate you guys for this accomplishment that you reached till here. We know that it's a very good boost up and will take you places but wait there's more to come. Now you'll have a new step to achieve and that's your Intermediate Exams. We've heard a lot of buzz about these exams that CA Intermediate Exams are difficult to crack and all that but let us burst the bubble, 

"CA Intermediate Exams are not difficult at all, these are just different and require a different strategy altogether."

So, along with your hard work and consistency what's another pivotal thing that you require? 

A CA Intermediate Audit class. 

These are for those who have already cleared all other subjects of CA Intermediate and for those who are yet to begin.

We all know that there is a lot of tension being created behind this single subject. And there's even centers and coaching classes that really scare students in the name of Auditing. But trust us guys there's nothing that you cannot accomplish and the only thing that you require is the right guidance, consistency, and hard work. Always remember " Hard Work Can Beat Talent Anyday."

What are the major attributes that you must look upon while choosing a CA Intermediate Auditing Classes?

The answer is very significant for you. So let's begin-

Make a List-

It's not hidden that CA Auditing Syllabus is in bulk and you have held on some topics and there are some topics that give you nightmares. So the first thing which you would do is make a list of all the topics which are giving you a real headache. Doing this will ease down your work.

Offline Or Online?

Many of you are concerned due to this query also makes you think for days. So the basic answer to this is very personal to each and every individual. Some students like it the traditional way for individual attention but with online classes, you can access them at any time, at any point, and at any place. Let's talk about this in detail. 

What Offline Classes Offers?


  • Personal Attention-

We would agree on this fact that nothing can beat the attention that a teacher gives to his students personally. That not only clears his concepts and also boosts his morale to keep going and keep studying.

  • Time Allotment To Each Topic- 

In traditional coaching, you can do a class any time with a teacher and especially for the topics which are difficult for you to understand.

  • Concept Clarity-

There are doubt clearing sessions done in face to face coachings and this helps the students in learning all the concepts and clearing all the doubts.

  • Motivation-

A very pivotal thing to mention for not getting demotivated in between and studying constantly is Motivation. Your mentor keeps on motivating you and you don't need extra factors for that.

  • Classroom Ambience-

Classroom Atmosphere gives a real picture of the competition around you. You would get peer pressure and that will create an urge to perform better in class.

What's Not Considerable In Offline Classes?

Now there are some drawbacks too. Let's have a look on those factors also.

  • Fees-

Let's admit that offline coaching classes dig a hole in the pocket. So this is a factor that holds many students back from getting a quality education.

  • Revision-

The pace of classes in traditional coaching classes is very slow so students often miss their revision classes which hold them back

  • Missed Classes- 

Once you miss a class or a concept, you can't recoup those back easily. Either you lose grip on those topics or you have to study from some other alternative.

  • Peer Pressure- 

You sometimes get demotivated by performing students around you. Peer Pressure can low you down if you take it negatively. 

Now we'll talk about Online classes, what they offer, and what are the drawbacks!

What do Online classes offer?


  • Low Fees-

Anyone can afford a quality education via online mode of education. Learntus offers a great quality education at very minimal costs. So it's not a real issue for any student.

  • Pace Of Classes-

The pace of classes at online mode goes smooth enough which gives you time for multiple revisions and you are ahead in completion of your syllabus.

  • Comfort Zone-

Studying in your comfort zone was always your wish. Accessing classes while lying down at your couch and getting your syllabus done is the best deal you can get.

  • Quality Classes-

Our highly qualified professionals at Learntus always bring you a plethora of quality classes that you can access at any point in time.

  • Easy Access-

Who wouldn't love the idea of studying at any point in time, at any place, and at any particular situation? Easy access is the utmost positive factor in the online mode of classes.

  • Motivation And Inspiration-

This factor is very important while studying sitting at home. You always require motivation and Inspiration for studying consistently which is first priority at Learntus.

  • Experienced Faculty At Home-

Getting an experienced faculty at home is a premium thing for a student. Our Auditing professionals always teach with a student's point of view so that there's not any scope of doubt.

  • No Peer Pressure-

Many students often get demotivated while studying in traditional coaching classes when their peers perform well but in online mode, you only focus on your performance.

Drawbacks Of An Online Classes-


  • Monotonous-

Sometimes you need a constant factor to drive you further for attending classes and keep studying constantly. So this is a drawback which again depends on person to person.

  • No Classroom Atmosphere-

You lack classroom Atmosphere and peer pressure while studying online so you lose hold grip on how your competitors are performing which is a real drawback of online classes.

  • Distractions-

This factor is also very personal and depends upon the willpower of student to student. If you are determined enough to clear your goals no distractions can stop you from doing so.

  • Internet Connectivity-

This factor depends upon the area and availability of the internet because it is a must to have a good internet connection before starting online classes. By doing so you'll not stumble in between your preparations.

We know that there are some drawbacks to online classes but these are manageable and can be avoided if you are consistent enough to achieve your goal. Our professionals at Learntus would always back you up and won't let you all any day. So gear up and make this quarantine your best time.

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