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How To Make The Most Of Quarantine For Preparing For CA Exam

All over the world, everyone is talking and panicking about the outbreak of COVID-19. The CA students are much aware of the ICAI news of the postponement of the exam, and now apart from having a maximum time for preparation, you all must be facing the problems to study. 

How to tackle this situation?

People are doing work from home, most of them are enjoying holidays and taking rest. It becomes difficult to study for 12-15 hours after all the disturbance, but you can surely manage to study for at least 6-9 hours which will be helpful to you rather than being disturbed and focusing on the VIRUS. Try not to focus on the negative news and keep the concentration on your studies and exam. Think that these are the extra preparation leave that is given to you and not waste them. Many students who are not in their home have limited access and resources, but if you are in your home try to make the most of quarantine for preparing for ca exam. 

You may follow these tips while studying-

  1. Don’t take the studies burden too seriously and by consistently thinking about the people who are enjoying their holidays by playing indoor games, watching movies and web series. You can manage both of them by taking break time so you don’t get bored often. Consider the preparations of your exams as if you will be getting the tag of CA soon, trying to make most of the quarantine for preparing the CA exam. 
  1. Plan out the time slot for studying and try not to have any distractions from your family or social media. 
  1. If you feel tired after doing studies for a long period of time, try to give yourself some rest by doing what you like in your hobbies. You can paint, draw, sketch, eat your favorite food, play your favorite game or you can do any exercise to feel fresh and after feeling better and relaxed you can again sit to study for a long time. Research says that taking some breaks while studying improves your brain to concentrate more. 
  1. Make your studies interesting. Try to make charts, graphs to clear your concepts. Use all the methods to learn and revise. You can make characters, and make it funnier to learn. Start making some videos and share it with your friends. This will make you a confidant person and simultaneously will make your concepts clear. 

  1. Now it is a good time to practice all your mock test papers from ICAI, MCQ’s previous year question papers. By solving these you will feel self-motivated and prepared. You can even make your own test papers and MCQ papers and can challenge your friends who score the highest. 
  1. Don’t be in the postponement zone for too long. Max to max the exam will be postponed to the may end or June 1st week. So prepare yourself and make the most of quarantine time for preparing for the CA exam.
  2. Make the best use of social media. Create or join a group of people who are preparing for the CA exam. Try to set deadlines or competition in the group to complete any topic or solving the question paper. This competitive environment will improve you for the exam and boost up your confidence. 
  1. Video lectures can improve you and is the secret for your boredom of studying alone, make the most of the use of it.

  1. Try to improve yourself from the last attempt, see in which type of question you lost your marks and try to improve yourself by writing the answer and solving most of the questions.
  2. Don’t get involve or read any kind of news that makes you feel demotivated. As many people are spreading fake news about coronavirus. Just try not to focus upon them and try to focus on your exam because in the end your exams are on the head and a maximum of 2 months are there. Make the most of the use of quarantine for preparing for the CA  exam. 


Don’t feel demotivated and try to focus on your studies. Try to resolve or neglect the things which are stopping you from reaching your goals. Make the best use of this quarantine for preparing for the CA exam. You have the time and make the best use of it don’t follow the negative news and win the race with full dedication. All the best!!

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